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Are you seeking solution for your Card failures / EMI problems

  • Interference (EMI) problems in the equipment or system suspected field failures?
  • SI issues in PCB - noisy, cross-talk, power integrity and transmission losses?
  • Non-compliance to EMC tests - IEC/CISPR, FCC or MIL-STD?
  • Lightning threats to industrial plants/buildings - shock/fire hazard?
  • Lightning/electrical transients - electronic devices & equipment failures?
  • Guidance - to setup pre/full compliance EMC test facility at your site?
  • Design review and support - EMC or lightning protection?
  • Site-survey - Lightning protection or EMC auditing?
  • Training courses: EMC engineering. One-day or two-day programme?
  • Lightning Protection Training courses: Lightning Protection Standards and Practices. Customised?
  • Structural Earthing for IT Buildings

How & Why ?

LPCI is ready to answer all your problems related to
EMI/ EMC/ lightning protection/ earthing etc.

Design/ Engineering Training/ Site Studies/ Auditing,
Recommendation/ Supervision and Implementation.

LPCI offers you both consulting and training in
Lightning Protection and EMI/EMC.

Lightning Protection and EMI/EMC


  • The work allotted to M/s LP Consultants International Pvt. Ltd (LPCI) for studying the Lightning Protection & Grounding systems of Hindalco-Renusagar Power Divison of rated capacity of 801.5 MW has been completed successfully by Mr.K.V.Varadarajan Director of M/s LPCI Consultants.

    Raman Bajpai
    Hindalco Insdustries Limited

  • Mr.K.V.Varadharajan Director, LP Consultants International Private Limited, Chennai has conducted a full fledged lightning audit at our Spice Processing Facility near Cochin.

    General Manager
    AVT McCormick Ingredients Pvt. Ltd.

  • CPRI has conducted a Two day Work Shop on "Lightning Protection". The two day training program is aimed to create awareness of lightning hazards and offers technical guidance. A large no of participants have attended the workshop. There was a very good response from the delegates. All the lectures were very interactive. We would like to arrange more lectures of the same in the near future.

    Additional Director/HoD
    Central Power Research Institute

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