2 Days Training Programme on Protection of Electronics, Earthing, LV Electrical Safety & Lightning Protection Report

Workshop Series on Lightning Protection - 2015

Lightning CAN NOT be eliminated. However, properly protected systems will not only survive but will continue to function following exposure to direct or nearby lightning strikes. Considering the growing need, LPCI, India announces the Workshop series in Delhi, Mumbai, Jamshedpur, Bangalore & Chennai and invites nominations from the Engineering & Management communities of the Industrial, Construction, Aviation, Military, Insurance, Power, Communication & Meteorology sectors.

The workshops are designed with the view of addressing various issues related to lightning protection. In order to create awareness and to clear myths associated with lightning and its effects, LP Consultants International Pvt. Ltd. India's leading organization specialized in the field of lightning protection, is organizing this workshop


Concept of Lightning:Lightning initiation, attachment and return stroke, characteristic and statistics of lightning generated and electric fields, multiplicity, types of lightning, induced voltages, spatial and temporal distribution of lightning density, lightning measurements, triggered lightning, laboratory simulations, current models and field calculations.

Structural protection:Basic concepts, (a) rolling sphere (b) protective angle (c) mesh methods, Designing and positioning of air-termination and down conductor systems, materials and dimensions. Designing of earth network, Equipotential bonding, Use of reinforcement steel and foundation earth for lightning protection, installation technologies and costing, isolated protection systems, special issues of earthing, site inspection and maintenance. Designing of LPS for different type of structures.

Risk analysis and management:The calculation of lightning risk factors and recommendation of the level of protection according to IEC 62305 - 2.

National and International standards:Introduction to Various Standards, guidelines and recommendations on lightning Protection and safety (BIS, IEC & ITU).

Introduction to EMI / EMC:EMI effects, coupling mechanism and controlling methodology. Shielding, bonding and cabling of network and signal systems.

Protection of Low Voltage Electrical Systems:Need for protection, Lightning Protection Zonal concept, damage statistics, coupling mechanisms, protection scenario, wiring systems for buildings, Lightning and switching impulses, mode of protection, peak current etc., Classes of surge protectors, type of surge protectors, SPD selection criteria, installation concerns, test impulses and testing procedures.

Protection of Electronic Systems and Installations:Data and Signal line protection devices, installation guidelines. Protection of Servers, Information Technology and Instrumentation systems and equipments.

Earthing systems :National and International standards, type of earthing systems, measurement of soil resistivity, artificial treatment of soil, structural earthing & equipotential bonding and measurement of earth resistance.


Characteristics of Lightning, need for lightning protection, designing, implementing and maintaining lightning protection systems for structures and electrical / electronic systems, and the current international situation and trends with regard to lightning protection. The program also intends to promote lightning safety guidelines and international norms in the Industrial, commercial and civil sectors.


The selection of the participants will be strictly based on first come first serve basis. The participants will have to make their own arrangements of stay and travel.


English will be the official language of the workshop.


New Delhi 14th and 15th March 2014
Mumbai 21th and 22th March 2014
Jamshedpur 4th and 5th April 2014
Chennai 11th and 12th April 2014
Bangalore 18th and 19th April 2014


Ganesan Rengasamy, Director, LP Consultants International Pvt. Ltd., is a graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) from Anna University, Chennai. Joined army EMI Study Project in 1981 and served till 1987. Joined SAMEER- Centre for Electro-magnetics, an autonomous R&D institution under DOT, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology(Gol) in 1988 and retired from service as a Scientist E on superannuation in April 2007. Published and presented many papers on EMC in national and international conferences. He is a life member of Society of EMC Engineers (India).

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