2 Days Training Programme on Protection of Electronics, Earthing, LV Electrical Safety & Lightning Protection Report

Surge Protection Training

LPCI conducts Surge Protection Training and Surge Protection Seminars independently or in association with leading national agencies. LPCI conducts Surge Protection Training Courses by experienced faculties and reputed scientists in India.


Surge Protection Training Course Details

  1. Protection of LV Electrical and Electronic Systems
  2. Protective Measures against Voltage Surges
  3. Setting up of Protection Zones
  4. Equipotential bonding
  5. Shielding measures
  6. Arrestors at Zone Interfaces
  7. Selection of Surge Arresters
  8. Required Design Impulse Voltage for Equipment (IEC 60364-4-443/1995)
  9. Main Equipotential bonding for Lightning System
  10. Connecting Equipotential bondings
  11. Arrestor Technologies
  12. Structures to be protected
  13. Installation Guidance/TN-C-S, TT, TN-S Networks
  14. Connecting Wires and Examples
  15. Combined Arresters
  16. Surge Protection Concept
  17. Application of Surge Protection Device
  18. EPB
  19. Coupling of Systems
  20. Voltage Surges in Cables
  21. Coupling Impedance and Shielding
  22. Surge Protection in Data and Communication networks
  23. Choice of SPDs
  24. Tips for Installation
  25. Protection of CCTV Cameras


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