SPM for protection of electronic equipments against Lightning and EM Interferences

SPM consisting of spatial shields and/or shielded lines, combined with shielded equipment enclosures ensures protection of sensitive equipment against conducted and radiated EM effects Coordinated SPD is also a part of SPM.These measures are not just selecting few components from a manufacturer’s catalogue and installing it, but SPM has much more to do with routing of different cables in a system, terminating different lines to an equipment etc too. LPCI’s expertise in the field of EMI/EMC ensures a perfectly designed SPM. SPM measures are highly required for:

  • Hospitals where malfunctioning of a life saving equipment can be risky for the patient
  • Data centres where millions are users are connected always. Any disturbance in an equipment creates huge financial loss to the operator
  • Airports and Navigation system controlling several critical operations
  • Satellite communication and space research centres
  • Control rooms of power plants and large power generation stations
  • Railways signaling control stations
  • Defence and Military application

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