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Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC)
Signal Integrity
Surge and Lightning Protection (LP)
Earthing systems

Established in 2007, our Qualified, Experienced and dedicated team helps industries to identify & solve EMI, earthing and lightning related problems. We are capable of identifying and fixing existing problems by applying proven design and troubleshooting techniques. We also support industries by offering short-term training courses on the subjects so that engineers can take care and eliminate failure of electronic systems. Our application oriented training on EMC and lightning protection help them not only to prevent future problems, but makes them experts basic design considerations required.

LPCI has solved or prevented hundreds of EMI and lightning related problems in a wide range of industries (Computers, Medical Devices, Industrial Processing, Vehicles, Facilities). We have trained over 1,000 engineers and technicians in various Asian countries through public and in-house seminars on EMI/EMC and lightning protection.

Design,Analysis, Implementation, Supervision, Training, Guaranty

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L P Consultants International Pvt. Ltd.
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