Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) based on IS requirements

Protecting a building against the direct and indirect effects of lightning is important for the safety of people and equipment in the building.Rather it is a mandatory requirement in several countries for industrial/commercial and multi-storeyed residential buildings.Direct lightning in an installation can create fire and explosion as well as cause severe damages to contents of the building.The new Indian standard IS/IEC 62305 part 1 to 4 published 2015 is based on the international standard IEC 62305 and is a comprehensive standard for protecting building against lightning and its effects. The standard recommends the users to seek the help of a lightning protection expert with good experience in EMI/EMC as well as civil and electrical construction practices.

LPCI’s design services are based on the rich experience of the consultants and technical team members as well as the support form the rich knowledge base.Knowledge about the local regulation as well as hands on experience of installation practices in several countries ensures even complicated design conditions are met.LPCI had trained more than 1,000 engineers on EMI/EMC and lightning protection systems in several Asian countries during the last 10 years.Our lightning protection designs can meet the requirements of Indian Standards and Regulations.