Evaluation of Internal and External Lightning protection system for Insurance companies

Modern electronic installations need enhanced protection from time to time. Installation of electronic equipment (such as cameras, computers, TV etc) in old and existing building need a through study and planning to avoid failures.

LPCI’s evaluation services are used in

  • Different kind of Industries
  • Hospitals while installing new and expensive equipment as well as routine evaluation as per the standard
  • Schools and educational institutions

LPCI’s evaluation service covers inspection of physical building, Risk assessment calculation and finding out the EM threats in the building, Soil resistivity check, Inspection of air terminal, down conductor and earthing. Contact resistivity check of each metallic connections, Checking of the feasibility of Common Bonding Network, Spatial shielding calculations, Safety and separation distance calculations, Checking the effectiveness of Screening and Coordinated SPD’s, Resistivity of all earth pits, advising corrosion resistance measures and so on.

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