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Implementation of Earthing System Design

Effective earthing system design is necessary for safety purpose as well as functional purpose. The earthing system shall be designed and installed not only to reduce step and touch potential during a fault/ lightning/ transient condition, but shall meet EMI regulations also. LPCI's earthing system is based on software, which considers all necessary factors for designing an earthing system. Implementation of such a permanent earthing system is not only maintenance free, but provides low resistive and inductive characteristics through out the life of the installation. Design of an effective earthing system starts with the measurements of soil resistivity. Modern soil resistivity instruments of LPCI ensure that the basic values are measured accurately so that the design is able to provide long lasting and best performance.

Earthing System Design (Grounding System Design)

LP Consultants International Pvt. Ltd (LPCI) offers Earthing System Design and Grounding System Design services for several special applications like HV sub stations, Railway Signaling & Telecom Installations in pan India and in Industrial environments. Recently LPCI has conducted earthing design site survey in HINDALCO - Hirakud thermal power plant & smelter plant in Orissa, HINDALCO - Renusagar thermal power plant in UP, Divis Laboratories in Vizag, AP, Granules India at Hyderabad, SAPALA Organics, Hyderabad all of which are in Andhra Pradesh who are in Pharmaceutical Industry. Earthing Design survey has also been carried out in AVT McCormik, in Aluva, Kochi, Kerala. High Voltage lightning impulse current generator grid earthing design is being carried out in CPRI, Bangalore. Apart from the above, LPCI is offering seminar in various cities in India which includes Earthing System Design. Recently LPCI has conducted seminars in Chennai on behalf of UL, Bangalore & in RGTIL- Reliance Gas Transportation Infrastructure Limited in Mumbai.

Earthing System design services confirm to the requirement of the following national & international standards.

  1. IS 3043- Code of practice for earthing system design and grounding system design
  2. IEEE 80 - IEEE guide for safety in AC sub-station grounding
  3. IEEE 81-IEEE guide for measuring earth resistivity, earth impedance & earth surface potentials of earthing system design and grounding system design
  4. IEC- 60364-5-54: LV Electrical installations- Selection & Erection of Electrical Equipment- Earthing arrangements, protective conductors & protective bonding conductors.
  5. IEC 62561 - Part 1 to 7: Lightning protection system components
  6. IS/IEC 62305- Part 1 to 4: Protection against Lightning
  7. IEEE emerald book: Powering & earthing electronic equipment
  8. IEEE 1100 - Recommended practice for powering & earthing electronic equipment
  9. IEEE 142: Recommended practice for earthing of industrial & commercial power systems
  10. IEC 61000-5-2: EMC- Installation & mitigation guidelines - Earthing & Cabling

Earthing System Design and Grounding System Design considers soil resistivity at various depths, expected fault current, fault duration etc. Earthing System Design ensures that Step & Touch potentials are well within acceptable limits. Software simulated earthing system design and grounding system design allows checking numerous combinations of horizontal & vertical conductors and arrive at optimum bill of material & costing.

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Articles on Earthing System Design and Grounding System Design

Earthing of Low Voltage Electrical Installations

Published in Electrical & Power Review

Earthing System DesignThis article discusses earthing of low voltage electrical installations from the point of vide of IEC 60364. Apart from electrical installations, earthing finds importance with electronic or instrumentation and IT due to the usage of VLSI ICs and their associated failures or problems. Because of its application related with safety, it is analysed in various International and National standards related to specific context. Earthing System DesignThis article approaches earthing from the view point of IEC 60364-5-54-Ed3. The scope of this standard is limited to earthing arrangement and protective conductors including protective bonding conductors of low voltage installations i.e. 1,000 V AC or 1,500 V DC in order to satisfy the safety of electrical installations with cross reference from below standards. IEC 60364-5-2: EMC – installation and mitigation guidelines – earthing and cabling.

IEC 60364-4-41: 2005: LV electrical installations – protection for safety-protection against electric shock.

IEC 60364-4-44: 2007: LV electrical installations – protection for safety-protection against voltage and electromagnetic disturbances.

IEC 60364-5-51: 2005: Electrical installation of buildings – selection and erection of electrical equipment – common rules.

IEC 61140: 2001: Protection against electric shock – common aspects for installation and equipment.

IEC 62305 – 2010 (Ed.2): All four parts.

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