EMI/EMC Engineering

EMI/SI problems are best addressed early in the design phase. The best time is before the the installation of electrical / electronic equipment and during construction / design. When designed properly, most EMI solutions are inexpensive. An initial EMI/SI product design review can often be conducted in few days. Buildings shielded from EMP can be made by integrating structural steel and functional earthing system avoiding large loops at a lesser cost if included in the civil construction.Read More

Lightning Protection

Protection of a Structure by an external lightning protection system(Industrial Plant, High-Rise Building) against Physical and economical damage form lightning strikes need deep knowledge about the effects of lightning such as mechanical, thermal, flashover, surges etc. Our risk assessment software help in selecting the appropriate minimum protection required. We designed LPS for some of the largest and tallest buildings in India Read More

Surge Protection Design

Flooding of SPD’s in the market created large amount of SPD specialist with out knowledge in the subject. As a result majority of installations are wrong and do not serve any purpose. 100’s of crores of rupees has been wasted by public sector enterprises in India in wrong installations. (read more) (provide a link to photos in page 5, 6 and 7)

Our design and supervision services ensure that SPD’s are installed properly and is protecting your installation.

Structural Earthing for IT Buildings

Creation of functional earthing system for IT enabled building is an experts job. We design and supervise such projects for large buildings such as IT, communication centre, Hospitals etc.

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