Lightning Risk Assessment Software

Must for all Lightning Protection Adequacy study in India. !!!

IEC 62305- Protection against lightning defines tolerable risk levels. Then, by calculating “calculated risk for a building that needs protection, it can be precisely compared to the tolerable risk levels & if found more than the tolerable levels, protection is required to bring the calculated risk below the tolerable risk levels.

To reduce the losses due to lightning, protection measures MAY BE required.
Whether they are needed & to what extent, should be determined by the Risk Assessment (IS/IEC 62305-2)

To determine calculated risk manually, about 150 formule as per IS/IEC 62305-2: Risk assessment is required & needs extensive knowledge & understanding of the standard & experience of minimum 10 years in this field.

LPCI has found a solution to this, by developing a Lightning Risk Assessment Software based on C#. Details of the structure & environmental factors have to be entered in a menu driven, simple to use steps, so that, the Lightning Risk Assessment Software simply calculates the following.

  1. Loss of human life
  2. Loss of public services (Wherever applicable)
  3. Loss of cultural heritage (Wherever applicable)
  4. Economic loss.

A snapshot of the lightning risk assessment software is given below.

Figures in RED indicate that calculated risk related to Loss of Human life & Economic loss is MORE THAN the tolerable risk levels.

By using suitable protection techniques

  • Lightning protection as per LPL 1 to 4
  • Co-ordinated SPD protection
  • Fire protection (manual or automatic)
  • Soil equi-potentialisation/ Earthing
  • Shielding etc..

calculated risk shall be brought below the tolerable level proving that, the building has got ADEQUATE PROTECTION.
In a broader sense, RA software helps in 3 following key areas:

  1. Proof that calculated risk is below the tolerable level so that insurance can be claimed, in case of any loss.
  2. Menu driven step by step technique which can be used by any common man
  3. Cheap & best technique can be used for the building which gives the best Cost Vs Performance ratio.

This is the only Lightning Risk Assessment Software, available as on date, in which all Indian cities whose figures of thunderstorm days as per IS 2309 is taken into account. For countries outside India there is a provision to directly enter the lightning flash density directly.
Our goal is to work towards Risk free environment even when Lightning is present !!!

Watch Lighting Risk Assessment Software Working Demo


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