2 Days Training Programme on Protection of Electronics, Earthing, LV Electrical Safety & Lightning Protection Report

LPCI - 2 days Lecture in Customer Places


Lightning is a natural weather related phenomenon, fascinating to watch, but extremely dangerous with disastrous direct and indirect effects. The direct effect being the high current (in the range of several hundreds of kilo amperes) passing through structures or equipment or living beings and the indirect effects being temporary rise of supply voltages for a very short duration, known as current or voltage transients. The amount of loss of human life and properties due to lightning is significantly high. It is found in the recent years that lightning kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes globally. The nature of lightning has never changed. But the structures and systems we expose to it, as well as the need for safety and dependability have changed dramatically. Understanding of the effects of lightning has also grownup as a result of numerous research efforts on the interaction of lightning with structures and systems. There are no devices or methods capable of modifying the natural weather phenomena to the extent that they can prevent lightning discharges. Lightning flashes to, or nearby, structures (or lines connected to the structures) are hazardous to people, to the structures themselves, their contents and installations as well as to power and signal lines. Therefore, application of lightning protection measures is essential. Traditional methods used for protection of ground based facilities and operating systems against the effect of lightning strikes, including use of air terminals, down conductors and grounding systems have not been understood fully well (eg resistance or impedance of earthing system?). The increasing reliance on sophisticated & sensitive electronic systems for control of critical functions has created the need to re-evaluate lightning protection design and create new protection systems to compensate for the inadequacy of traditional methods. And properly protected systems will not only survive but will continue to function following exposure to direct or nearby lightning strikes. Considering the growing needs, LPCI, India started 2 days training course in Customer locations. The workshops are designed with the view of addressing key issues related to lightning protection from both direct and indirect effects. LP Consultants International Pvt. Ltd. Indias leading organization, specialized in the field of EMI / EMC & lightning protection has successfully organized similar programs in various customer locations..

Course Agenda

  1. Lightning Science  an overview
  2. National and International Standards (IS/IEC 62305 part 1-4) on Lightning Protection  a summary
  3. Risk analysis and management a first-step in LPS design
  4. Structural protection against lightning – both external and internal
  5. Introduction to EMI/EMC
  6. Protection of LV Electrical/Electronic Systems and Installations
  7. Earthing Systems
  8. Personal Safety

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